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HiFiSounds.co.uk These pages are dedicated to my quest for audio perfection.******Manuals Link now live******

On the site you will find details of my QuadII rebuild project. The bespoke chrome chassis and component upgrades. Details on the incredible Marantz CD63 Std SE & KI Signature, including ongoing mods to the clock, Power supplies, OP-Amps and chassis. Also detailed is the upgrades to my original Philips CD850MKII, KEF B139,B110 and T27 bespoke transmission line speakers.

Details of my marantz cd63 modification and my marantz cd67, bringing these awesome players to a new high with reworked power supply, audiphile low noise ( SPower ) regulators, clock upgrades, discrete output stage, valve unity gain stage and many hop up parts including Mundorf Supreme capacitors, Black Gate capacitors, Rubycon ZA caps and Panasonic FC 's. Another important area to explore along the way is opamp upgrade. I have tried several including ad825 on Brown Dog adapters, LME4562 & LME4562HA (in TO-99 package), all of which are consideralble hop ups over the standards items. All to be revealed soon on the modification page

HOT TOPIC - TDA1541 based Philips CD960 ( same as Marantz CD94 ) Mega modded featuring the CDM1 mech - includes 12 super regulators, 3 Transformers, Hexfred and shottky diodes, Burson opamp discrete I/V stage, full clock distribution mods (still uses oversampling) TDA1541A S2 Double Crown DAC, Trichord Clock 4, Sanyo OsCon capacitors and the list keeps growing! Watch this space.......

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Whilst the new site is under construction, the links below will provide usefull information relating to the modification of CD Players and general upgrades. The sites listed have been a very reliable source of information provided by dedicated extremely knowledgeable people.

Quality parts, hi end products, great service & home to the worlds most modified CD63. Professional upgrades also available.

Unrivalled Modification information by Ray.

Excellent CD63/67 Modification Forum.

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